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Trischi Ward

A flipside, lipslide, webride >
If you don't play... you can't win!

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Pimp Linking


Examples of current work sites [SEO & Web Manager]:
Contraband Events [International Talent Booking Agency]
Contraband Crew [International Event Crew Provider]
The Chelsea Lodge ["Made In Chelsea" Hang Out Pub]
West One Recruit [London High-End Hospitality Recruitment Agency]

Examples of past work sites:
Hide My Ass [VPN Provider]
Hotcourses & [The uK's Largest Educational Course Directories]
Peak Practice [worked for Carlton TV]
John Pilger [journalist & documentary filmmaker]

Examples of SEO consultancy: [Tea] [Responsible Fashion] [Contemporary British Menswear] [Ticket Resales] [Volunteering Network]

2020 LockDown Projects:
UK LockDown 1 (suspected COVID at Easter) - Recoding my sites to CSS + The Edinburgh Grave Gardener
UK LockDown 2 - Friends Of Dorothy | Friends Of Dorothy - AMP

Oops, More Google Pimp Linking :)
Troubleshooting SEO for hire
Brixton SEO
Old-skool CV
I lived here... (flash :(

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Looking for a slick SEO? Do contact me :)

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I like...

trischi ward - sushi-rider: Swanston Avenue, Edinburgh


Keeping alive and kicking, my family history:

trischi ward - sushi-rider: WiesenStrasse, Hamburg


Old skool, sticky, pirated javascript games :)

trischi ward - sushi-rider: Cola de Reinzo, Milan


Fav grooves. Mobile has killed my fab flash mixtapes, so, my temp spotifies

trischi ward - sushi-rider: Effra Road, Brixton, London


Fav visuals. Mobile killed my fab flash lighboxes, so, my youtube playlists:

trischi ward - sushi-rider

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