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Trischi Ward

A flipside, lipslide, webride.
If you don't play... you can't win!

Sushi Rider? Hark, I hear you remark... what is a sushi rider? What does sushi rider mean? Sushi Rider is a slick song by my mega fav band Saint Etienne (lamenting... unrequited l.o.v.e). Scintillating Saint Etienne's "Sushi Rider" is the song title, yet, the term "sushi rider" doesn't appear in the lyrics :) Why I chose sushi rider? Way back, on the first day of my HTML coding course, I needed a user name for my first ever email account. Hmmmmmm... what could it be? Sushi Rider!

trischi ward / sushi-rider

A Three "O" S.E.O

Sipping cappuccio - the next ride?

trischi ward - SEO

Link Pimping My Sites


Examples of current work sites [SEO & Web Manager]:
Contraband Events [International Talent Booking Agency]
Contraband Crew [International Event Crew Provider]
The GOAT Chelsea ["Made In Chelsea" Hang Out Pub]
West One Recruit [London High-End Hospitality Recruitment Agency]

Examples of past work sites:
Hide My Ass [VPN Provider]
Hotcourses & [The uK's Largest Educational Course Directories]
Peak Practice [worked for Carlton TV]
John Pilger [journalist & documentary filmmaker]

Examples of SEO consultancy: [Tea] [Responsible Fashion] [Contemporary British Menswear] [Ticket Resales] [Volunteering Network]

2020 LockDown Projects:
UK LockDown 1 (suspected COVID at Easter) - Re-coding my sites to CSS + The Edinburgh Grave Gardener

UK LockDown 2 (onwards)
Girl Friends Of Dorothy
AMP - Friends Of Dorothy



Looking for a slick SEO? Do contact me :)

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I Like ...

Swanston Avenue, Edinburgh


Keeping alive and kicking, my family history:

WiesenStrasse, Hamburg


Old skool, pirated javascript sticky games :)

Cola de Reinzo, Milan


Mobile has killed my fab flash (swf file) web mixtapes, so, my temp spotifies of my fav grooves:

Effra Road, Brixton, London


Fav slick flicks - my youtube playlists:

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